Pelican Island Cottages Pet Policy

  1. Credit card must be on file. Owner's credit card will be changed for any damage done in the cottage by their pets and for additional cleaning services required as a result of pet activity Example: excessive shedding everywhere.
  2. Pets are not allowed on furniture or beds at any time.
  3. Do not allow dogs to constantly bark and disturb guests.
  4. You are totally liable for your pet and their actions. Pelican Island Cottages cannot be held liable for any pet actions.
  5. Pets must be on a leash. Only registered pets allowed on property.
  6. Pets must be declared upon making a reservation. failure to do so results in automatic cancellation with no deposit refund.
  7. Sneaking a pet into a bungalow results in a $ 100. Nightly pet fee.
  8. Pet fee $10 Daily each + tax. Monthly fee $100 + tax. Maximum 2 pets per bungalow.
  9. Please take your pet for a walk away from the hotel when they have to do their business. Please pick up animal waste and dispose in dumpster. Do not let your pet do their business on the property
  10. Do not leave dog unattended in cottage.
  11. Failure to follow pet policy will result in owners and pet being asked to leave without a refund.

Guests agree to the terms above upon making the reservation.