Cottage Rules and Regulations

  • No Smoking is allowed on property.
  • Management is not responsible for personal property, or loss of money from room, property or vehicle.
  • Guests will be assessed a $25.00 fee for lost keys.
  • Do not tamper with smoke detector. Notify management if battery change is needed or if alarm inoperable.
  • Keep cottage and porch clean and remove trash daily. There is no daily maid service. There is no recycle bin at this property.
  • Only registered guests and registered pet guests allowed on property. Management reserves the right to remove any person or pet who is disturbing to another guest. Pick up after pet. Quite time after 10:00 PM
  • No illegal drug or firearms allowed on property.
  • All guest fees payable in advance. No exceptions. No refunds.
  • Please clean BBQ after use.
  • If the cottage requires service or maintenance, please notify the Manager or office only during business hours 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM. Only call office or knock on Manager’s door after business hours or Sundays only if it is a serious emergency.
  • Guest is responsible for any missing or damaged Pelican Island Cottage property and will be charged for replacement.
  • Laundry is next to the garage. No change or refunds provided.
  • Absolutely NO SMOKING in the cottage. If you smoke in the cottage, you will be asked to leave with no refunds and be charged $150.00 on your credit card. Please be respectful of non-smoking guests.
  • No Smoking or alcoholic beverages allowed in the Game Cottage. Please enjoy your stay and check out the Welcome book in the Game Cottage.